Ruostejärvi, Tammela, Finland

Our photograph club was on the move again – the winter trip. This time we were at Ruostejärvi, Tammela, Finland. The weather was awesome and there are so many things to photograph on a frozen lake! I was mainly using/testing my new old 500mm mirror tele lens which is very interesting piece of glass!  I’m sure that I will be using that more in the future also.









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Ruoholahti/Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, Finland

This morning the sunrise colors were so promising that I had to take my camera with me while bicycling to work. And now the folder for the year 2013 is created!


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Helvetinjärvi National Park

Our camera club was once again on the move and this time at Helvetinjärvi national park. The weather was just awesome like it has been in all of our trips. Some scenes from the trip:

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Cityscapes Helsinki, Tervasaari

Few weeks ago I was shooting cityscapes in Helsinki, Tervasaari, on a cold winter morning. It is always nice to notice that whenever you really take the time to go and shoot, it will be fun and you’ll most likely get some decent results too.

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Autumn in Perniö

Two autumn scenes from Perniö, Kisko River.

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Evo Hiking Area

Few weeks ago we did a short hiking trip in Evo hiking area. The main point was hiking and camping but when the weather and light conditions are good it is possible to get the shots with far less camera gear. Of course it is still the same moments when you the most curse the fact that you didn’t bring that 5 kilograms of gear in your backpack to the woods…

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Nikon Coolpix P300

Finally after three-four years of speculating whether I should upgrade my old compact camera to a newer one and to which model, I went and bought Nikon Coolix P300. It is clear that this camera lacks some very important features like the RAW support and the image quality is not even near the DSLR quality, but you CAN take it always with you! My intention is to travel only with this camera next time I go somewhere but let’s see whether I still happen to slip one DSLR body and few lens to the suitcase (just because there seems to be some space left…).

Anyway without a compact camera the following images wouldn’t most likely exists. As simple as that.

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